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Oil vs. Bio Fuels

Date: Sun, 11 Jul 1999 02:37:17 -0400
Subject: Genocide and the Drug War
From: "Zed B. Starkovich"
To: osanic@astridmm.com

Col. Prouty,

First let me commend you on this site, and your work in the fight against ignorance and oppression. It will be a beautiful day when the truth is widely known and we are a nation of educated voters and consumers.

In my own research, I have been exploring the hidden people and agendas behind our $50 billion a year war on Drugs. Not surprisingly, it is the very same Military, Industrial, Petroleum, and Banking Fraternity responsible for the death of JFK, and so much more of our hidden history. When we look at the true movers behind our history since World War One, we see that the power elite are far from nameless. The are the very people we were taught to revere as great Americans: Dulles, Rockefeller, Ford, Dupont, Nixon, and Bush.

I was therefore especially interested in your obvious reluctance to mention George "Poppy" Bush's role in CIA heroin and cocaine trafficking since WWII, not to mention his role in the Bay of Pigs, and his prominence in the worldwide Banking and Petrochemical Synthetics and Pharmaceutical industries. Perhaps, as you said, that is a whole other story. Or, perhaps George Bush and his Indochinese Opium smuggling activities are too close to the final answer, and therefore, Bush remains the one public Untouchable, and thus not the man to piss off.

But is it all simply about money from drugs and weapons? or is this battle about the basic need for food, clothing, fuel and shelter that forces nearly every person on earth to fight to survive? Rockefeller and the UN have told us that there is not enough food and resources on the planet to support our population, but the very concept of Population control is simply the Racial and Industrial Power theories of the Nazis taken to a level never imagined by Hitler. A world where workers have become slaves to Private Banks and Petrochemical syndicates, while begging the Government to protect them from some imagined enemy.

In the early 1930s, Prescott Bush, Avarell Harriman, Andrew Mellon, Rockefeller, Hearst, Dupont, GM, Ford, Alcoa, ITT, and the Dulles' began activly supporting the Nazis, and continued to do so through World War Two. Bush and his buddies were Nazi bankers and business partners before, during, and after the war in a series of business and financial transactions that stretches the bounds of Treason and 'trading with the enemy' to new limits. Standard Oil fueled the Nazi fleets, and Chase Bank financed IG Farben and German industry. Ford built Nazi trucks while Alcoa and US Steel sent them all the raw materials they needed. ITT helped with the V-2 guidance systems and Hearst gave everybody really great press.

However, they didn't supply the Nazi war machine, and extend the war, in a simple quest for profits. Impressed by Nazi concepts of Racial Hygiene that supported their own Oligarchical beliefs in Darwin and Malthus, and interest in the proven cost saving device of slave labor, these American people and corporations enabled their German Business partners to survive and thrive after the war. With the wholesale importation of the Nazi SS into the CIA by Dulles, you have to wonder who really won the war.

It is with these insane theories as their justification that 30 million people are "allowed" to die in the Third World every year, as we in the First World steal their oil. And it is the control of oil that gives The Complex its real power. If you control all the energy in the world, you have all the power. If the population were allowed to grow, the demand for oil would increase and the supply would quickly be depleted. However, if you can reduce the world-wide demand for oil, you can extend the supply. More to the point, if you control the fuel supply you control the people. The "Third World" gets no fuel and dies, the "First World" gets all the fuel we want, but have to pay the Federal Reserve for the right to be allowed to live "Freely."

Imagine if any farmer in the world could suddenly grow a magic plant whose fruit could feed every starving person, its fiber could clothe every freezing child, it could be burned as industrial biomass fuel, giving cheap electricity to every factory and small town in the world, its pulp could replace the need for wood building materials and paper, make natural cellulose plastic that is 10 times stronger than steel, and it could supply non-toxic methanol fuel for every car on the road today. According to Popular Mechanics in 1938, this miracle plant not only existed but had been known for more than 12,000 years as Cannabis (Hemp), and could completely reverse the painful death of American family farming since the Depression.

The implications were immediate for Hearst, who owned millions of acres of prime timber that would have been worthless with the advent of stronger, cheaper, less toxic hemp paper and building materials.

Dupont, who held the patent on the toxic acid-based paper production methods still used today, was concerned about more than just the safer hemp paper process. Dupont also held patents (some from business deals with IG Farben) for Petroleum based synthetic fibers, plastics, paints, varnishes, and rubber, intended to replace those products already made from natural hemp based fiber, cellulose, and oil. All of which accounted for more than 80% of their profits over the last 60 years.

Even before Henry Ford built his car that ran on hemp methanol fuel and had a body made of hemp cellulose that was stronger than steel, Andrew Mellon saw that hemp could make his Aluminum monopoly vanish in a puff of Sodium Floride.

When Rockefeller found out that some plant could do everything his precious Oil could do, cheaper and safer, he realized that suddenly a bunch of goddamn peasant farmers could replace his world wide petroleum empire in LESS THAN A YEAR. Not the least of his worries was the fact that if American farmers could support themselves, then so could African and South American farmers. And a self sustaining population of the "racially unpure" was the last thing Rockefellers or his friends wanted. The second problem was the threat of peace on Earth if everybody were allowed to eat well and easily protect their families. Well fed people don't fight wars, and the last thing The Complex wants is peaceful, content citizens, who expect to be paid well for their work.

This group decided it had to be stopped. The farmers must be CRUSHED, and never allowed to grow this vital natural resource. With Hearst delivering the propaganda this group turned the most valuable plant known to man into "The demon weed Marijuana" "The most violence causing drug know to man" which "causes Negroes and Mexicans to rape white women!" And later was used by the Communists to turn our soldiers into "zombie pacifists."

It was amid this hail of lies that the world was convinced that the only way to fuel our world is through toxic petroleum. And with that lie the truth about overpopulation was hidden. The only limit to individual liberty and prosperity on this planet is our forced dependence on Petroleum and its Petrochemical products. World wide Malthusian genocide is not due to a want of food, clothing, and shelter for lack of natural resources, it is due to our forced dependence on toxic, non-renewable, petroleum.

Tell the world the truth and free them the lies, and the power elite loses their power. Pull aside the curtain, and their lies come crashing down like every other house of cards.

It is with this in mind that I follow the story of American history since World War One in search of the people who made the most money, and consolidated the most power. What we find over and over in our recent history is a fraternity of Guns, Drugs, Money, and Genocide.

WWII: Corporate consolidation. Korea and Vietnam: Opium and weapons. Panama/Iran-Contra: weapons and Cocaine. Follow the money to who is left standing: Rockefeller, Harriman, Dulles, Nixon, and last in the line, George Bush.

I would be very interested in everything you can tell me, or show me, on or off the record, about George Bush and his "War" on Drugs. I am especially interested in whatever you can tell me about our worldwide dependence on Petroleum, and the suppression of our natural resources at the hands of bankers and oil men that have led to Treason and genocide beyond our worst nightmares.

Thank you very much for your help and all that you have done.

I wish you the best of luck,

Zed B. Starkovich


July 20, 1999

Re: Fax communication Subject: Genocide and the Drug War
From: "Zed B. Starkovich"
To: osanic@astridmm.com

It would be possible to spend the next several years developing a response to this July 12 contact on "Genocide and the Drug War."

During the latter years of the Forties I was an ROTC Instructor at Yale University. Many of the prominent names from Mr. Starkovich in his message are familiar to me as a function of that service, and other related service during my days in the military. I commend him for his letter and can recommend books on similar subjects known as the INTRODUCTION TO THE BUSH SERIES. Others have been published by "EXECUTIVE INTELLIGENCE REVIEW."

Because the duties of my military experience carried me to at least seventy countries I have witnessed this subject on many fronts; but this is no place to elaborate on this extremely important subject. I commend the writer for surfacing this unequalled subject and highlighting its availability.

Thank you,


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